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Layout Board/Stop Tabs

When installing the stop tabs, it is important to get everything in the correct order the first time. If you make a mistake in the order, it is very time consuming to correct it. To help avoid mistakes, we build a layout board. The stop names are written on the board below each pin, taken in order from the console design sheet. When the tabs are received from the engraver, you have a double check that the shipment is correct as you hang them on the pins. The stops are hung in the order they will appear on the console. When mounting them, you simply take them off the board in sequence.


This is the new, modified backrail for the console. The original backrail had one row of 25 stop tabs. In order to accommodate the expanded specification, we made a new double-row backrail. The top row contains 23, and the lower row 35 stop tabs. On the upper row are some General control tabs, the Accompaniment 2nd Touch stops, and the tremulant controls. The lower row contains all of the tuned percussions and traps for all three manuals and Pedal.

Mighty theater organs got their start in Northwest

Article about the history of theater organs published in The Oregonian on November 25, 2009. Click here for more information.

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