Columbia River
Theatre Organ Society

3439 N.E. Sandy Blvd., #259
Portland, OR 97232


The following are available from local sources (Portland, Oregon metro area). Most items will require some level of refurbishment, unless indicated as very good or excellent condition. Contact us for more details and additional pictures.

This list is presented as a clearing house for all the organ parts and ranks available in the Portland, Oregon metro warehouses. There are different owners of these items, so if price negotiations are required, you may be referred to the owning person or party.

Packing, shipping, crating and transportation to freight terminal

  • Large items can be shipped at a discount through YRC freight or your choice of freight carriers.
  • For very large items such as 16' wood pipes or windchests, contact
  • Packing and shipping is additional cost. The buyer pays for shipping, packing/crating and transportation to the freight terminal.
  • Smaller items can be shipped UPS, Fedex or USPS.
  • When asking for shipping cost estimates, please, oh, please indicate where you live (your state, city, street address and zip code would be helpful).
  • Local pick-up of large items is encouraged.
  • We are located in the Portland, Oregon metro area which is the western US. Not Portland, Texas or Portland, Maine.

International shipping of large items:

  • Buyer must do all the work as far as getting quotes, arranging pick up, customs, etc. We will provide the dimension and weight of the crates.

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