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Theatre Organ Society

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About Us

CRTOS Officers and Directors
(year board term ends)
Dean Lemire, President (2020)
David Lee, Vice President (2020)
Rob Kingdom, Treasurer
Steve Jarvis, Secretary
Loren Klepper (2021)
Jack Powers (2021)
Dave Goding (2022)
Terry Robson (2022)

Jack Powers, Newsletter Editor
Terry Robson, Activities
Rob Kingdom, Organ Crew Chief
Rob Kingdom, Inventory Manager
Paul Tichy, Webmaster

Our Past, Present, and Future

The Columbia River Theatre Organ Society was formed in 1994, for the preservation and enhancement of the theatre organ and its music.

The Society's public purposes include:

  • To further public appreciation of the theatre pipe organ and its music with educational programs and concerts.
  • To encourage talented musicians to preserve the art of theatre organ playing through competitions and awards.
  • To encourage skilled organ builders and technicians to preserve the art of theatre pipe organ building through educational seminars, writing books and articles, and on-the-job training of aspiring pipe organ builders and technicians.

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About the Theatre Organ and the Hollywood Theatre

When Portland's Hollywood Theatre opened in 1926, music for silent films was supplied by a large, complex acoustical instrument played by one person, called a theatre pipe organ. The sound-producing parts of the instrument were hidden in chambers on both sides of the stage, leaving only the console and the musician visible to the audience. Most of a theatre pipe organ uses the same basic technology as classical organs, but the sound is quite different and more orchestral, leading to the term "Unit Orchestra". In addition to musical sounds (including percussions), sound effects were included to make the movie experience more realistic. The Wurlitzer instrument in the Hollywood fell into disuse after the introduction of talking pictures, and was moved to a skating rink in 1955.

Our nonprofit group is bringing those long lost sounds back to the chambers, to burst forth into the main auditorium with grand and glorious melodies sounding even better than those of 1926. A generous gift has gotten the project off to a running start. The Beverly Ruth Nelson Memorial Organ is now playing, and growing.

Yes... a real, honest to goodness, grand and eloquent theatre style pipe organ is playing and growing in those hallowed chambers. The visible part of the instrument, the console, can be seen at seating level. Ranks of real pipes (each one an single-note acoustical instrument) play in the original Main pipe chamber (second foor, audience left behind a curtain) and behind the screen; work will begin soon on rebuilding the Solo (second floor, audience right) chamber. Pipes, powered by a 15-horsepower blower in the basement, are supplemented by sampled sounds to complete the unit orchestra. We have the only operational theatre organ installation in a Portland movie theatre!

We are dedicated to giving back to the City of Portland and its citizens some of those glorious sounds of yester-year. It is happening now, and you can be a part of it!!

Building pipe organs is a labor-intensive and expensive process... you can help. There are many tasks that don't require specialized skills, done under the guidance of members with years of experience. That could begin with your joining our Society using the membership form. Also, all monetary donations are gratefully accepted, and the Columbia River Theatre Organ Society is a 501(C)3 tax-exempt organization.

Columbia River Theatre Organ Society is a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to the preservation of the theatre organ and its music.