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Almost Completed Wiring

The almost-completed wiring. The output wires are all connectorized ? almost. The hanging tag identifies one connector where one pair of wires has completely disappeared. If we cannot locate the missing pair (it?s possible it is buried deep inside the harness and, as a practical matter, gone for good) we?ll just connect up one of the spares. The wires hanging over the top of the console and down the side are spares. After everything is neatened up and secured, the spares will be bundled separately and ?stored? in a cable clip on the back panel.


Rob installing the computer.

Output Lines

Here, most all of the output lines have been sorted into the loom. As to the need for the soldering iron, it was necessary to lengthen most of the lines that connect to the input board on the far left. New sections (keeping the same color-coding) were spliced on.

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