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Theatre Organ Society

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Output Lines

Here, most all of the output lines have been sorted into the loom. As to the need for the soldering iron, it was necessary to lengthen most of the lines that connect to the input board on the far left. New sections (keeping the same color-coding) were spliced on.

Input Boards

The input boards are mounted to the fixed back panel. Anything that sends a signal to Uniflex, such as a key, stop tab, piston, swell shoe, etc., is connected to an input. In this picture, all inputs have been wired in except for the four sets of manual contacts. The output boards, which are mounted on the smaller hinged panel, connect to lights (lighted buttons, such as the selective traps in the junk drawers, etc.) and stop magnets (to turn them on and off). In this picture, the process of separating the wiring into 8-wire groups (for attaching to the connectors) has begun. The wooden stick on the right is a loom through with 64 holes in it, each hole representing one connector on an output board.

Gas Struts

Courtesy of Bob MacNeur, gas struts have been installed. This enables one person to easily and safely raise and lower the horseshoe.

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