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Uniflex Upgrade

The old Devtronix boards have been removed from the console.

Speaker Cabinets

Pictured are several of the speaker cabinets that are being built which will allow the Virtual Organ to produce the theatre pipe organ sounds from the console located in the Hollywood Theatre. There will be 12 of these located behind the screen.

Portland Day for American Theatre Society (ATOS) Annual Convention Featuring Donna Parker and Jonas Nordwall

The American Theatre Society (ATOS) annual convention in Seattle is having a Portland Day on July 1st open to the general public, and sponsored by Oregon Chapter American Theatre Organ Society (OCATOS). Featured will be Donna Parker at the Cleveland High School at 2:00 PM, and Jonas Nordwall at First Methodist Church at 4:00 PM. OCATOS is offering a PACKAGE DEAL for both concerts at $30.00. Tickets are available at the door or online at: or by phone at 503-313-1024.

Cleveland High School is located at 3400 SE 26th Ave, (at Powell Blvd), Portland, OR and First United Methodist Church is at 1838 SW Jefferson St, Portland OR Parking is available at both locations: across 26th from the High School, and at First Methodist Church.

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