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Stop Tab Recycling

We are recycling the old stop tabs from the console remodel !

The photo indicates the possibilities, but it has to be a first-come first-served basis as there are not a lot of duplications. Thus, if you decide to order, please provide a second and third choice. They are available as: tie tacks, lapel pins, or key chain fobs. Please designate which you prefer.

Cost is $5.00 each plus $2.50 postange and handling. All proceeds will go to the organ fund.

Contact Ron Deamer, Treasurer at

Theatre Pipe Organ for Sale

8-rank Wurlitzer console, 8 ranks of pipes, traps, blower, regulators, and relay. Currently playing in Springfield, Oregon. The instrument also has a midi interface to use with an electronic keyboard. There are also many components in excess of the playing instrument all of which are in very good condition. The organ is a combination or Wicks, Wurlitzer, Kimball etc. All of the pipe chests have electric valve actions plus many new, never installed magnet valves. Please contact: John Otterstedt. 541-736-0273.

Hollywood console

Photo of the Hollywood console in its current state of restoration.

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