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Hollywood Speaker Migration Work Continues

Your Hollywood crew (Bryant, Gerlack, Kingdom, Paff, Powers) built a speaker platform and ran eight 100' cables from the Solo Chamber to the audio rack in preparation for moving most of the remaining speakers into that chamber. One large subwoofer will remain on stage. A set of 16' diaphone pipes awaits the space to be vacated on stage, along with 2 wind chests and a regulator. The next step is to move the speakers into the chamber and connect the cables. Worries about the cloth in front of the chamber grilles have faded, it does not appear to be a problem.

Moving into the Chambers

A big step was taken April 10 when we moved seven of the existing speakers of the Beverly Ruth Nelson Memorial Organ up into the original Main pipe chamber at the Hollywood Theatre. Hard working volunteers Mike Bryant, Ritchie Knight, Mark Gerlack, Rob Kingdom, Lou Paff, and Jack Powers had it playing in about 3 hours, and it sounds great! Remaining speakers on stage will go into the Solo Chamber. making room on the stage for the first pipes, a rank of Diaphones

Mike prepares rope for use lifting speakers

Mark removes cables from stage speakers

Checking Entrance to Solo Chamber

Ritchie pulls the small speaker into the Main Chamber

Completed speaker array at Main Chamber grille

Open Console By Appointment

Experience has shown that Wednesday mornings is not a great time for our open console. A few sessions have been quite successful, but not enough to justify it. We will try a different approach: please request console time by sending email to, and we will work out a suitable time.

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