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Open Console By Appointment

Experience has shown that Wednesday mornings is not a great time for our open console. A few sessions have been quite successful, but not enough to justify it. We will try a different approach: please request console time by sending email to, and we will work out a suitable time.

First Pipes Planned for the Hollywood

The Hollywood Theatre's management has approved the installation of the first pipes for the Beverly Ruth Nelson Memorial Organ, a set of 18 diaphones on two chests. The approval is the first result of signing a contract with the Hollywood that defines the relationship between our nonprofit organizations.

The diaphones will occupy space behind the screen at the front edge of the original stage against an existing wall, where there are loudspeakers now. The work will start with moving all but the largest of our speakers to the main pipe chamber on house left. Mounting the pipes is actually one of the smaller tasks; moving the lower to the basement under the stage and providing air lines are more involved. Electrical work to provide 3-phase power for the blower motor has been planned and estimated.

The diaphones will have an immediate effect on the instrument's sound, providing strong bass that is difficult to produce with loudspeakers. A similar placement of diaphones is in use at the Elsinore Theatre in Salem, but ours will be considerably closer to the screen and the audience.

Mike Bryant and Rob Kingdom are leading this work, and they will be looking for help as the plans progress.

The 4/26 Wurlitzer Theatre Organ at Long Island University

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