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About The Hollywood Theatre

Opened on July 17, 1926, the Hollywood theatre has continuously remained a beloved Portland landmark and community treasure even inspiring the name of the surrounding Hollywood District. With over 1500 seats, the theatre was one of the most ornate neighborhood theatres in the Pacific Northwest, readily identified by its unique Byzantine rococo tower. The art deco interior, with its false balconies and balustrades remains today, and are currently being restored under the enthusiastic supervision of Film Action Oregon.

A highlight of the theatre when first opened was its $40,000 Wurlitzer pipe organ, used to accompany the movies and to augment the vaudeville acts. In 1955, the 3/10 style H Wurlitzer was moved to the Imperial skating rink in Portland, Oregon. The original pipe chambers still exist and CRTOS is in the process of refurbishing and installing a new Wurlitzer pipe organ in those chambers.

The Hollywood Theatre is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to entertain, inspire, educate and connect the community through the art of film while preserving a historic Portland landmark.


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