CRTOS Blog Instrument Phase 1B working on the Wurlitzer 3 rank chest for the Hollywood Main chamber expansion All secondary pneumatic motors stripped out cleaned off and hinges replaced had enough leather to recover a few of them Chest frame cleaned off and ready for new gaskets Inserted wood dowel into marginal holes for top boards Started stripping bottom boards Good news is many of the primary pneumatic leather is still good This will save some money and a lot of time See pic Maroon leather is new brown is older but still good 2018-12-04Cleveland High School open console will be 142019 The organ still sounds really good2018-12-04Hollywood Theatre Opening Mini-Theatre At PDX venue partner the Hollywood Theatre is opening a miniature movie theatre at Portlaand International Airport Located in Concourse C it will show short films to travelers waiting for flights 2017-02-03Silent Film Series at The Hollywood Theatre The General with The Play House & The Love Nest 28th 2014 100 PM Join us as we kick off our Fall Silent Film Series at the Hollywood Theatre Our first offering is the 1926 classic The General In it Buster Keaton portrays the passionate engineer Jonnie When the Civil War begins he is turned down for service because hes more valuable as an engineer His love Annabelle thinks its because he is a coward When Union spies capture his train The General with Annabelle on board Jonnie must rescue both of his loves 107 minutes In The Play House 1921 After waking up from his wacky dream a theater stage hand inadvertently causes havoc everywhere he works 18 minutes In The Love Nest 1923 In an attempt to forget his lost sweetheart Buster takes a long trip at sea where he boards a whaling ship with a strict captain 20 minutesCRTOS2014-09-14Hollywood Theatre 1940's Usherette in Portland Monthly Magazine Portland Monthly Magazine recently published an article on the Hollywood Theatre In the article there are mentions of CRTOS and the organ2013-07-11Hollywood Speaker Migration Work Continues Hollywood crew Bryant Gerlack Kingdom Paff Powers built a speaker platform and ran eight 100 cables from the Solo Chamber to the audio rack in preparation for moving most of the remaining speakers into that chamber One large subwoofer will remain on stage A set of 16 diaphone pipes awaits the space to be vacated on stage along with 2 wind chests and a regulator The next step is to move the speakers into the chamber and connect the cables Worries about the cloth in front of the chamber grilles have faded it does not appear to be a problem2013-04-19Moving into the Chambers big step was taken April 10 when we moved seven of the existing speakers of the Beverly Ruth Nelson Memorial Organ up into the original Main pipe chamber at the Hollywood Theatre Hard working volunteers Mike Bryant Ritchie Knight Mark Gerlack Rob Kingdom Lou Paff and Jack Powers had it playing in about 3 hours and it sounds great Remaining speakers on stage will go into the Solo Chamber making room on the stage for the first pipes a rank of Diaphones Mike prepares rope for use lifting speakers Mark removes cables from stage speakers Checking Entrance to Solo Chamber Ritchie pulls the small speaker into the Main Chamber Completed speaker array at Main Chamber grille2013-04-12Open Console By Appointment has shown that Wednesday mornings is not a great time for our open console A few sessions have been quite successful but not enough to justify it We will try a different approach please request console time by sending email to infocrtosorg and we will work out a suitable time2013-04-06First Pipes Planned for the Hollywood Hollywood Theatres management has approved the installation of the first pipes for the Beverly Ruth Nelson Memorial Organ a set of 18 diaphones on two chests The approval is the first result of signing a contract with the Hollywood that defines the relationship between our nonprofit organizations The diaphones will occupy space behind the screen at the front edge of the original stage against an existing wall where there are loudspeakers now The work will start with moving all but the largest of our speakers to the main pipe chamber on house left Mounting the pipes is actually one of the smaller tasks moving the lower to the basement under the stage and providing air lines are more involved Electrical work to provide 3phase power for the blower motor has been planned and estimated The diaphones will have an immediate effect on the instruments sound providing strong bass that is difficult to produce with loudspeakers A similar placement of diaphones is in use at the Elsinore Theatre in Salem but ours will be considerably closer to the screen and the audience Mike Bryant and Rob Kingdom are leading this work and they will be looking for help as the plans progress 2013-04-06The 4/26 Wurlitzer Theatre Organ at Long Island University on Wurlitzer Wood Diaphone chest today Acquired lumber for new top and bottom The lumber that Crosscut had for the front didnt look good enough so well have to find something else 2 Made new bottom for the chest Fits into original screw holes perfectly 3 Cant make the new top until I know how thick the new front will be CRTOS2013-04-11